Saturday, 12 February 2011

One day like this....

Yesterday was a bit of a comedy day for me.

Everything went wrong in the morning.  Two people pulled out of interviews for next week, an offer came through which was very disappointing and won't be accepted (how can this happen when we have discussed and agreed figures endlessly?) , nearly everyone I tried to call was busy - or avoiding my call (surely not?!) and, well, it just wasn't going my way.

As I have put in very long hours this week (for a recruiter, anyway), I thought there was no point battling life and so yesterday afternoon I went out sailing for the first time this year, taking my phone as I had a call booked at 4:00 with an important new Client.  At about 3.50pm my phone decided to lock and whatever I tried to solve the problem wasn't proving terribly successful.  This meant that I had to email this senior HR person to say that I couldn't make the call as I was stranded on a boat with no phone.

Would you have believed that story?  Nor me. It reminds me of being about 13 when I tried to tell my maths teacher that I hadn't completed my homework as adding the book to my bag would have made the bag too heavy.  Joy unconfined.

Today is already much better as I am entertaining at Twickenham as England build on their destruction of Wales last week - well, sort of - with a (hopefully) comfortable victory over Italy.  Much as I love Twickenham, I would have loved to have made it to Cardiff last week for the big game. I think the atmosphere at the Milennium Stadium is absolutely amazing, probably the best of any stadium I have visited.  Of course, being located just a stroll from the excellent bars and restaurants of Cardiff is never a bad place to be....

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