Thursday, 31 March 2011

New Video / New Article

Thank you for all your comments about my last blog post.  This isn't me being sarcastic - there were in fact no public comments - as a number of people contacted me via email/twitter to pass on their views.

I have followed the continuing debate by real experts in the industry such as Eric Huber, Harlan Carvey and others with interest and the discussion has really re-inforced my view that Twitter is where the real community now lies.  Whether or not this is true the most important thing, following the article by David Kovar, is that the whole subject is actually being openly debated and I look forward to hearing more thoughts on the topic of community.

I am now almost a week into my trip to the US and this weekend I am looking forward to a break from the bright lights of Vegas to trek in the beautiful Red Rock Canyon (pictured) which is an amazing place.  Before I put on my hiking boots and head off into the wilds, I wanted to share my latest article/video which I hope will be of some interest to readers of this blog.

1, New Article

For lovers of cutting-edge, insightful, analytical and thought-provoking work I can only apologise as I can't help you with anything of that nature.  However, my new article about the importance of personal branding has now been published on Forensic Focus and can be found via this link:

Personal Branding Article

I really would be grateful for any comments as I think this is a vital area neglected by most jobseekers in the computer forensics/ electronic disclosure spaces.

2,Leeds Metropolitan University Video

As mentioned in a previous blog, I was filmed delivering my guest lecture to computer forensics students at Leeds Metropolitan University earlier this month and the 'highlights' can be seen below.  I should point out to anyone who views the video that Leeds Met appear to have suffered technical difficulties as I don't seem to sound like Richard Burton and my boyish (yet rugged) good looks don't seem to have come through as in real life.....

Leeds Metropolitan Video

For once, no comments welcomed!!

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