Saturday, 16 April 2011

Under The Weather

Like me, do you suffer from sea sickness?

It has been said that when you are sea sick for the first hour you think you are going to die and for the rest of the time you wish you had died!  I remember a sailing race from Portsmouth to Cherbourg a few years ago when I was terribly sea sick and until this week that was the longest, most unpleasant time I can remember.  Well, along with a number of Nick Clegg speeches of course....

However, this week my flight home from Las Vegas was ten thousand times worse. All I will say is that a ten hour flight when suffering from severe food posioning is no fun either for you or for others on the plane.  Since arriving home I have even felt too unwell to work until this morning - which is most unlike me.

I will return to work-based blogs next week, but for now will conclude with a modern take on the old slogan that should be remembered by all visitors to Sin City:

'What happens in Vegas stays....on Facebook'.


  1. Oh dear, not the best souvenir of Vegas to bring back with you.

    I've just got back from Egypt and there was someone on our flight who was also suffering the effects of the local cuisine, certainly kept the flight crew busy.

    Hope you're feeling better now!

  2. Hi Lee,

    Thank you for your sympathy!

    It was a dreadful experience for me but even worse for my close neighbours - especially as there was turbulence so I was sometimes stuck in my seat. They deserve a refund from Virgin!