Friday, 29 July 2011

One Small Step

Finally, after years of moaning about something that really annoys me I have taken positive action!  Avid readers of this blog (Hi Mum) will no doubt recall verbatim my post about F3 ( in November last year:

For those who can't be bothered to read the link (understandably - I struggle to read my turgid prose too) I essentially moaned how F3 is happy to take my money for advertising in their brochure every year and yet I am not allowed to attend the conference as I am just a pesky recruiter and not a practitioner.   Ok, maybe I sweat the small stuff too much but I have bored colleagues for years about this as I think that in the eight years or so I have worked in this sector I should be seen as a part of the community.  Oh dear, do I sound like the guy who was neglected by his father aged five and has inclusiveness issues?

Anyway, no more!  This year I thought it was time to stick to my principles and not advertise in the brochure for a conference where I am not welcome!  Finally, I have made a stand!

Gosh, I feel so proud - whatever next?  Finally become vegetarian?  Refuse to spend thousands a year watching the Mighty Leeds United live due to the lack of ambition on the pitch displayed by Chairman Bates?  Tell my friend 'pretentious Steve' to stick his kind offer of his house inThailand for Christmas?

Hmmmm, I think one small step at a time....


  1. I must admit that, even though n-gate ltd. is a member of F3, I still don't really know what F3 is for - apart from being an exclusive club. I've yet to be able to justify attending the conference.

    Things are going to get interesting in the next few months though - there may well be an organisation to rival F3 about to appear as a result of some commercial pressure on some of us.

  2. Hi Angus,

    Thanks for commenting.

    In fairness to F3 (he says through gritted teeth) the feedback on the events they organise tends to be very good.

    However, from a personal point of view I too get the view it is very much an exclusive club for those whose faces fit. If your new organisation needs advertising/sponsorship do give me a shout as we now have some extra cash in our marketing budget!!

  3. Not MY organisation, I must stress. Just something my company will be associated with for contractual reasons.

    Your kind offer of funding has been taken down and will be used against you ;)