Friday, 21 January 2011

All change...

One of the most inspirational conference talks I have ever witnessed was by Wayne Hemmingway, founder of the legendary  'Red or Dead' brand and now successful designer of many things (

His message was essentially that with the upheaval of the last few years nothing will ever be the same. You can either accept this and be part of the new reality or else bury your head in the sand pretending it isn't happening as your company slowly loses business.

I was reminded of Wayne Hemmingway this evening when reading a link on where there was a discussion about using new technology to help with job searching.  Reading through the responses I got the distinct impression that this wasn't something that the computer forensics world was ready to embrace and so posted my thoughts which I have copied below:

"In my view - whether we like it or not - this, along with utilising other forms of social media, is the way forward for jobseeking. Jobseekers increasingly tend to be less interested in going to printed media and even job boards (are the days of the job board dead - there are some in recruitment circles who would argue it is heading that way).

If you are a jobseeker it is about utlising these new forms of communication to stand out from the crowd and deliver your message to the right person.

I am no expert in social media recruitment (yet) but if I was actively looking for a new position I would certainly be using innovative sites such as and If you haven't come across Weedle yet it is quick and easy to use as you can simply connect with Facebook or LinkedIn, transferring your career details without needing to complete a lengthy form.

This is the key to these new networking/career sites as who wants to fill in a long, tedious application form duplicating information? Those days are surely gone never to return?"

Do you agree with me that there is no going back?

Finally, I am looking forward to tomorrow as our friends at the number one UK Job board (as sponsors of Portsmouth FC) have invited me to Fratton Park to watch the Mighty Leeds United recover from the midweek defeat to take the three points.

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