Saturday, 8 January 2011

A better day

After yesterdays little rant, I was, as always, cheered up by reading the latest blog from the very funny GirlieGeek:

On the subject of amusing CF blogs I also laughed out loud at this very amusing interview with Geoff Fellows here:

In particular, I love his response when asked about whether the glut of computer forensics courses at Universities is a good thing:

"If a Forensic Computing course is offered by a University and it actually teaches relevant current forensic computing, by which I mean at a technical level, in detail, and on a basis of practicality and real-life forensic computing work now, in 2010 then, Yes, of course that would be a good thing.

If a Forensic Computing course is offered by a University in order to cash in on the word ‘Forensic’ and CSI and that sort of stuff, and it is taught by a motley collection of retired system administrators who used to be really good at Cobol programming or who once understood Slotted Aloha or who used to run the Cambridge Ring and who really have no understanding at all of investigative work of any kind then No, they are an excrescence on the face of the planet – they are “a horror, a proverb and a byword amongst all the peoples” (Deuteronomy 28:37)."

Quite so!

This lunchtime I am visiting the impressive Emirates Stadium (pictured) for the very first time to see The Mighty Leeds United take on Arsenal in the FA Cup.

I am not confident but then again I didn't expect us to knock out our friends from across The Pennines this time last year so who knows.

Whatever the result, it is always fun to catch up with some of my Leeds supporting friends who are making a weekend of it in London - especially the three Norwegian brothers I met at the poker table in Vegas who always fly over for the big games!

Finally, after the triumph in The Ashes have you heard this old joke doing the rounds?  What do you call an Australian man with a bottle of champagne?  A barman....

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