Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Linkedin tips

Undoubtedly, www.linkedin.com is becoming increasingly important in any jobsearch.  Below is an excellent blog post outlining just how you can use Linkedin to your advantage and ensure that your details are found:


Do you agree with me that Linkedin is one resource that all jobseekers must utilise?


  1. David,

    I think there is a problem for some graduates and job seekers with this. For example, how do you get contacted on LinkedIn with no contacts yourself? I'm not sure on the LinkedIn etiquette for adding people you haven't met in person or through other websites/blogs.

    But there is definitely no reason not to join LinkedIn.

  2. Hi Mayhew24,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    I agree that this is an issue for graduates who are at an immediate disadvantage on all work related social media sites. As for who you invite to connect, this varies from person to person - some people accept everyone whereas others stick just to people they know well and can recommend to others.

    I suggest you try to make contact with as many people as possible on Linkedin as my experience is that as social media develops, people tend to accept lots of contacts on a site like Linkedin whereas they keep other social media accounts - such as Facebook - for people they know well.

    On a wider point, it is clear that graduates really struggle to make an impact on Linkedin as the site is based on having experience and so being able to make an informed contribution to work related discussions.

    I am attending a conference on 16/17 February where the guys behind the excellent:


    are leading a discussion on this very issue so I will report back. It should be interesting.