Friday, 7 January 2011

Shoot me please....

I don't get angry too often but today I really do feel like screaming!  Mainly at myself I should add: I really should know better...

Luckily, most of my work tends to be retained recruitment.  Here, the recruiter has exclusivity on the vacancy and can work logically and systematically to find the best talent in the marketplace.  This is the way to find the very best people in any niche, is cost-effective and ensures that a fully briefed recruiter portrays your organisation in the very best light.  There is a real partnership - genuine commitment on both sides - and everyone wins.

Most importantly, the recruiter can identify and recruit the very best jobseekers saving time/money for the Client - which, after all, is why you work with recruiters!

Then, there is contingency recruitment.  Why on earth do I still sometimes get involved in contingency recruitment assignments? 

For those of you not aware of contingency recruitment, it is when a company gives a certain vacancy to a number of recruiters who then go away and find people to submit for the role.  If you have ever had four/five recruiters talk to you about the same role this is contingency recruitment (they will also probably call you 'mate' and ask you about your plans for the weekend with the familiarity of a close family member) .  For the recruiter, unless you find the person who takes the position you don't get paid.

It is quite frankly the most ridiculous and ineffective way of finding the right person to fill a vacancy and populated with stupid, unprofessional cowboy recruiters involved in a race to send CV's as quickly as possible.  It is real pin the tail on the donkey time.  However, sometimes, I too join this race...WHY (rhetorical question so please don't even think it) !!!

Today was another example of why I really shouldn't be getting involved in this waste of time.  We spoke to a CF professional about a role and as usual gained their written permission before submitting the CV for the role.  Simple and straightforward right?

Oh no.  Not at all.  I found out that another 'recruiter' who hadn't even spoken to the jobseeker submitted the CV a day before us and so has 'ownership' of the person - as they sent the CV first - and so collects the fee.  What this means is that a recruiter can, in theory, just submit every CV they possess for a certain role without speaking to anyone let alone performing any kind of selection process.  Paying a fee for a CV distribution service - madness!

Surely this sort of recruitment is just an exercise in low-level recruiters submitting speculative CV's as quickly as possible.  If you still recruit staff this way I would be very interested to know why as I just don't get it.....

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